Help with essay structure for English 20-1 essay?

I have to write an essay for my grade 11 English class. The topic is how the conflicts and evils within society are a result of human nature rather than any external force. We've read Lord of the Flies and Macbeth and we need to write our composition based on those two books. I understand both books and where the topic is relevent but I don't know how to structure my essay. I don't want anyone to do my english for me of course, but any suggestions on structure would be greatly appeciating! Thank you :D

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  1. nasals says:

    Broad first sentence to draw the reader in. Then you do what my honors/AP English teacher called the “funnel” introduction paragraph. You start off broad, with something like: “There are many conflicts and evils within society that are a result of human nature.” Then get more specific, especially when you write your thesis. Mention the titles of the two books, and talk about how the two books relate. But it really depends on how you do your body paragraphs. You could possibly write two body paragraphs, which isn’t standard, but it depends on how much freedom your English teacher gives you. I was in honors/AP, so I generally got quite a bit of freedom and have written two body paragraph essays, as well as essays with more body paragraphs, if needed to get my point across. I was thinking you could dedicate a paragraph to Lord of the Flies and another to MacBeth, if you want to do two paragraphs. Perhaps you can find a detail in Lord of the Flies that relates and write a paragraph about that, as well as one that is in MacBeth, and then something that is in both and write a paragraph like that. Or you could find three things that are in common in both books and write three paragraphs about that. If you find something really good and need more than one paragraph to explain it, do that in order to get your three body paragraphs. Then finish it off with the opposite funnel. :)