An essay that compares gandhi martin luther king and thoreau?

all men were great contributors to history. Gandhi used a passive way to get his point across and fight for people's rights, as did Martin Luther King and Thoreau. Try adding that they all spoke to people (Thoreau through writing) and told them of hardships and how they would aqccomplish them by not resorting to violence. For Example, Gandhi would try to get thorugh the guards (in the movie) and the guards would push them back, but Gandhi and his men never fought back. King never fought to start violence and got involved with the sit-ins because they did not promote violence, and Thoreau ran off to the woods to live by himself almost as a hermit to get away from a violent society as a whole. They all wanted people's rights, but used a passive voice to get them. Try searching quotes from the movie "Gandhi", loo up the sit-ins of the 1950s, and read a bit of Thoreau's piece "Into the Woods." You can find aqll of these online. I hope this helps.

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